Koviloor Madalayam was founded by Sri La Sri Mukthi-Ramalinga Gnanan Desigar, affectionately referred to as Koviloor Andavar, during 1818. Since then, Our Madalayam has been serving as a centre of Vedantic Education. Advaita Vedanta is being taught here in Tamil to all the aspirants, irrespective of religion,caste or creed,with a sprcific syllabus of 16 vedantic Text books. Besides the above, our Madalayam has made mighty contribution in the field of Temple construction/ renovation, Education,Tamil language, social reforms etc., throughout this period of 200 years.


  • This Handbook must be brought to the school on all working days.
  • Discipline and punctuality is a must. The children should be present in the school premises at 9.30am. positively (School Hours:9.40 am to 3.50pm)
  • All students should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. Full school uniform is to be worn on all class days.
  • Leave will not be granted except on written application on valid reason from the parent or Guardian. In case of long leave on ground of illness,
  • a Medical Certificate has to be produced at the time of rejoining.
  • Textbooks and notebooks must be covered with brown wrapper and maintained properly.
  • Students are responsible for the safety of their belongings. They should not wear gold ornaments.
  • Without the permission of the Teacher, no student should go out when the classes are going on.