For Kinder Garten Children, play way method of teaching is followed. Lot of play things like multicoloured toys, balls, rings, building blocks, numeric blocks, abacus kit, etc are arranged in an orderly manner in all the five Kinder Garten classrooms. During activity hour, the kids get the opportunity of learning by themselves with these play materials. This Montessori Method of learning at the entry level makes learning process an interesting and a happy one. In the primary level, the love and affection given by the teachers to the children individually creates the thickest bond between them .This bond makes the children respond and do whatever the teacher asks them to do.



Apart from following Samacheer Syllabus, we impart Hindi, General Knowledge and Computer science. Student teacher Ratio (20:1) facilitates the teacher to give individual attention and special care.



Samacheer Syllabus and Computer Science are taught. Student teacher Ratio( 1:30) enhances the students to comprehend well


Higher Secondary

Tamilnadu Govt State Board syllabus is followed. Efficient teachers make the students master in their subjects. Resource Persons are invited to help the students to excel in the Board exams.

Group I - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics
Group II - Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics
Group III - Economics, Commerce, Accountancy, Business Maths
Group IV - Economics, Commerce, Accountancy, Computer Science


Special Programmes

Navarathri Festival was celebrated seeking the blessings of the Goddesses Durga Lakshmi and Saraswathy. On the eve of Christmas, our students team visited the Nirmal Special School and celebrated Christmas by providing Lunch and presenting essential things and sweets to them.