School Building

The has two blocks with a two storeyed building comprising of 20 rooms in each block. The rooms are well ventilated and well furnished with needed materials.


Play Ground

"Work while you work, Play while you play"

According to this adage the school gives equal importance to physical activities of children. It has a vast area of about 3 acres of land used for playing.various courts like football, volley ball, throw ball, etc. are laid for the children to play. Well experienced physical directors identify the areas of interest of the child in the play field and special Coaching is given to them. The Students are taken to Participate in the events held at Zonal and District level Sports meet. According to the students desire, they are given practice in Ball Badminton, Volley ball, Hand ball, Foot ball, Hockey in the various courts installed in the campus.


Drinking water

Reverse osmosis power plant installed, supplies drinking water to the children.



The School has a well furnished library with a huge collection of books. The Staff member and students select books of their Choice and equip them. Every academic year, a good number of Valuable Collections of books are added. The Children are much attracted by the collection of story books, novels, Quiz books, encyclopedia etc. It is noteworthy to state that the Children share among themselves, what they have read. This creates an interest among the other students who don’t use the library. Hence a positive effect gets developed in reading.


Language Literary Clubs, Fine arts Club, Science Club etc., Conduct activities like debate, quiz, exhibition, Paper Presentation, Cultural. These club activities strengthen the intelligence and motivate the students to bring out the best in them.

Scouts and Guides

Future citizens of our Nation are shaped in the campus by giving this training. These students also actively take part in various social developmental activities by camping in the areas, where it is needed. JRC, Eco Club

Special Programmes

Navarathri Festival was celebrated seeking the blessings of the Goddesses Durga Lakshmi and Saraswathy. On the eve of Christmas, our students team visited the Nirmal Special School and celebrated Christmas by providing Lunch and presenting essential things and sweets to them.


Efficient Physical directors coach the skilled students to participate and win in the Zonal and District level Athletic Sports and Games meet.

Latest Events

Karate grading Examination was conducted. Students from various schools in and around Koviloor participated and the meritorious students were awarded.