Transport Facility

The school has 5 buses. This goes around picking up children from the nearby areas of Koviloor. The buses are flown/driven by well trained and caring conductors and drivers.


Sanitary Facility


Sufficient number of urinals and toilets are available to needs of the children. In 1:15 ratio the toilet facility is available in the campus. The sparkle clean and tidy lavotories provide a high class hygienic atmosphere to the children.


Lab Facility


The Physics, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories are well furnished and well equipped. The Science subject handing teachers take the students every week to the laboratory and after demonstration, they make the children do in groups the practical that they have demonstrated. Having known that practical learning enhances a child to do better rather than theoretical learning, the School gives much importance to this. The School has 15 Computers with internet facilities. To enhance Children’s learning methodology, the lessons are taught in screens using L.C.D. Projectors.


Medical Facility

Medical checkup is done for all students every year by a team of eminent doctors. They give out their recommendation of medicines to the children. Oral drops are given to the K.G children by the health visitor after getting the parent’s consent.