The School has a well furnished library with a Collection of books. The Staff member and students select books of their Choice and equip them. Every academic year, a good number of Valuable Collections of books are added. The Children are much attracted by the collection of story books, novels, Quiz books, encyclopedia etc. It is noteworthy to state that the Children share among themselves, what they have read. This creates an interest among the other students who don’t use the library. Hence a positive effect gets developed in reading.


Children are given opportunity to participate in the inter school competition conducted by various organizations and educational institutions. This participation helps them to improve their presentation.

Sports Day

Every year annual sports meet is conducted in the campus. Children are divided into four houses. According to the level of the students a number of races are conducted and the winners are honoured. Athletic events and team games are conducted. The maximum point scorers are rewarded with championship cups. The rolling shield is awarded to the house which has secured maximum points.

Annual Day

At the end of every academic year the students will be given the chance to exhibit their talents on stage.


To keep the atmosphere pure with a raise in the oxygen level content many saplings are planted around the school building and nurtured properly. Medical plants like thulasi, thiruneetrapachai, siriyanangai, periyanangai etc are planted around the statute of the GOD Koviloor Andavar