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About Us

In this day and age, we are indeed lucky to be in the being presence of Swamiji Sri La Sri Meyyappa Gnana Desiga Swamigal. After Nachiappa Swamigal Mukthi he had became Adheenam in 2011. His blessings through eyes filled with the ocean of love for all peoples. Our Swamiji is an avid reader in wide range subjects, including Philosophy, Religion, History, Computer Science, Social Science, Art and Literature. He is a Multifaceted Personality. He always gives importance to tamil literature. He is good in Kavithai, Ilakanam, Ilakiyam and various Literal things.

He is also interested in the Hindu scriptures including the Vedas, the Upanishadh. He has stressed on different aspects of religion, youth, education, faith, character building as used on social issues. Our Madalayam is offering free Marriage for poor People and they are rendering many help to the Nagarathar People. Swamiji’s programmes are multi-faceted with several goals: to help the needy; to bring in modern technology and to inspire compassion and a sense of oneness with our fellow human beings, whatever their background may be.

Swamiji teaches that selfless service with compassion is the foundation of all other spiritual practices. He upholds the ancient tradition of charity, where caring for others is the process through which the character of everyone involved is purified. This spiritually inspired approach lends beauty and charm to social welfare. Swamiji is managing his Trust with the faith that they will be transformed through their service to Love.